This site was developed with the purpose of creating a far greater interest in the churches of Middlesex. While they are often points of interest for many tourists visiting this region, there is so much intrigue and information about each of them that it often gets lost.

The beauty of these churches and the magnificence of these establishments can be instantly recognised, but the history behind them is not appreciated. This has become the focus of our site here. We have chosen to highlight some of the more ancient churches that belonged to Middlesex before it becsme part of Greater London. Hopefully, what you read here will entice you to visit these as well as other churches in the region when you have the opportunity. With the information that you get here, it will add to your experience of what a visit to these churches will offer.

Some of the information will take you back in time to give you insights as to what the purpose of these churches were at the time of their establishments. It will inform you as to who were the architects that designed them and the styles on which they were built. You will learn about some of the changes that were made through the passing of time. You will also find some intriguing information as to some of the unusual historical factors that are attached to these churches.

With the additional information that you are privy to here, it will spur your interest in learning more about these amazing churches in Middlesex.