History of Ancient Middlesex Churches

Middlesex became part of the Greater London district and many of the Middlesex Churches are now part of this region of the UK. It is a vast region, therefore, encompasses many of the old churches as well as the newer ones.

To go back in time at look at the history of some of the churches that existed prior to Middlesex becoming part of the Greater London region would mean taking a look at the history of Middlesex itself. When doing so just one area in this region would mean looking at the Victoria County History and focusing on some of the prominent churches of that time. These would include the following.

Church of St. Mary the Virgin

In 1829, the original building for worship was taken down and replaced with the St Mary the Virgin in 1829. History dictates that this newer building of the time was not nearly as impressive as the original. It is deemed as being a Gothic revival. Folklore has it that the effigy here depicts a present ghost of the lady that to this day haunts certain segments of Hampton Court.

Church of St. John Hampton Wick

This church of Hampton came into existence at the same time that the Parish church did. It is based on the same Gothic style and is considered to be very plain in its looks of yellow brick.

The Church of St. James Hampton Hill

This church was originally built in 1863 and was made bigger in 1878. It took on more of a 13th century look to it.

These churches are just an example of those which date very far back in history. Now with Middlesex becoming part of a much bigger region, it means that many additional churches are now included as being part of what was once known as the original Middlesex county.