St. Botolph Without Aldgate

St. Botolph, without Aldgate, has its own special history like so many of the other ancient churches that make up a part of Middlesex. For this parish, it dates back over a thousand years. The original church was torn down in 1739. The new building was completed in 1744 and was the masterpiece of the architect George Dance the Elder. As the end of the 19th century arrived, the church went through some interior remodeling. The additional artwork in the form of plaster modeling was added later which enhanced the decor of the church.

Unfortunately, the church was damaged in a fire in 1965 and the interior had to be restored. The history of the church with respect to its commitment to the community is impressive. It has been the mandate of the church to help the homeless in the east end. Hundreds of people received food and medical care and direction through the church.

Moving up to modern day times, in 1976, the lesbian and gay Christian movement was founded at the church. This was a parish that gained the reputation for being a safe haven for those who were being shunned by other churches based on their sexuality.

When it comes to current events, St. Botolph Without Aldgate has a busy roster. As with many of the churches, they have a busy music program that is comprised of the bell ringing as well as choirs and concerts. There are many children’s programs organised here, and the church is still heavily involved with the community. Many different services are conducted at the church and it is consistently used for baptisms, weddings and funerals.

Within the community, the Church is actively involved in creating community development work. The church is as strong in its beliefs of helping the homeless in the community today as it has been historically.