St. Lawrence’s Church in Whitchurch

St. Lawrence’s Church in Whitchurch is one of the many church parishes that existed back in the day, prior to Middlesex becoming recognised as the Greater London district. It still retains much of its ancient beauty and has the stone tower that dates back to 1360. The central body of the church itself was built in the Baroque style during the 18th century.

The history of its beauty can be attributed to the architect who first built St. Lawrence’s who was John James. Although every church throughout England, on the whole, seems to have its own uniqueness, what is so unique about St. Lawrence’s is that the baroque style was continental and not the usual English one.

The artwork inside the church very beautiful as is the case with many of the other churches. The decorative painter responsible for this artwork is Louis Laguerre, although there were others that contributed.

Next to the church is the Chandos Mausoleum that was commissioned to be built by James Brydges, who was the first Duke of Chandos. This mausoleum became his burial site. Chandos was the one who had commissioned the re-building of St. Lawrence’s Church and his own home next to the church using another architect by the name of James Gibbs who also had a hand in building the church. By the time Chandos passed away, he had lost a great deal of his wealth.

It is believed that the organ that is found here within the church was actually played by Handel himself. Handel was hired as a composer for the church and it is thought that the Chandos anthems were first designed here.

Being an Anglican Church and part of the diocese of London, the Church currently holds its regular services. It also holds musical events like a string virtuosi by well-known musicians.