St. Matthews of Ashford

St. Matthews became the consecrated church for the region in 1858, so it can truly be considered as one of the ancient churches of Middlesex which now makes up the Greater London county. It like many of the others has a long history and went through many changes over the years to accommodate the growing population. Now with its ancient history, it still serves the people of the region well.

Throughout the week St. Matthews has several different events that it runs. These include an advent study group as well as a drop-in coffee morning. Although this church dates back many years what it has to offer today includes the use of a lot of modern technology. The church strives to be open to all including the disabled. For the hard of hearing they have what is called a loop system that enhance the audibility for those with hearing aids. St. Matthews makes sure that the church welcomes the use of guide and hearing dogs for those who need these aids. Hymn sheets are created in large print for those who have difficulty seeing.

Aside from the church itself there is the church hall which creates a beautiful setting for large events and even has a stage. The exterior grounds are absolutely beautiful and welcoming to all those who wish to enjoy them.

The church has several groups such as music groups, bell ringers and a children’s ministry. The church has certainly grown in its expectations as church needs have evolved over the lengthy period of time that this church first came into existence.

The church has always been a staple of the Ashford community and has been a pillar of strength over the years. While it has gone through many physical changes the purpose for which the church has been intended has remained solid.