St. Pancras Old Church

Deciding on which churches to see when visiting Middlesex can be quite a challenge because there are so many of them. Some are very large while others may be smaller in size but still have great historical significance and add value to the communities in which they are established. St. Pancras Old Church is one of these. This church has a quaintness to it. The architectural design of the church takes one back to the medieval times, but it was subjected to substantial renovations in the year 1847. The architects responsible for this were Roumier and Gough.

The history of any of the ancient churches in Middlesex are usually quite intriguing but the history of St. Pancras is particularly interesting. It was often the location where illegal marriages were performed. It was also noted for being a famous dueling spot. The vicar of the era was actually arrested here on debt charges. The close proximity of the graveyard which amalgamated with the church, St. Giles in the Fields, is reportedly filled with the bodies of murderers and thieves.

Today, the Parish of St. Pancras has joined ranks with four other churches which include St. Michaels Church, St. Mary’s Church and St. Paul’s Church. This team of churches holds many ongoing events for the community. They have a legal drop-in centre, shelter provision on cold nights, and gardening projects just to name a few.

Services are scheduled across the team of four churches so there is always something going on for both visitors and residents to enjoy. Christmas is a time for some additional special events and the St. Pancras Old Church along with its partners hold no disappointments when it comes to these events.

The interior of St. Pancras Old Church may be considered to be simplistic in its decor compared to many of the other churches, but it has a warm, quaint and inviting atmosphere to it that is well respected and enjoyed by those who attend here.