Westminster Abbey and the Collegiate Church of St Peter

One of the most notable churches in the UK is Westminster Abbey which is also known as Collegiate Church of St. Peter, Middlesex. Going back in time when religious institutions were suppressed, the Westminster Abbey was taken over by Henry VIII who turned it from being a religious house into a college. Finally, it was restored back by Mary and Queen Elizabeth.

For history buffs, they will recognise Westminster Abbey as the location of many coronations. The first one to ever take place here was for William the Norman. This was most fitting as William had put a great deal of interest into having the church embellished and made sure it was the recipient of many gifts from him. The next royalty to take interest in this building was Henry III who extended it’s size and saw to its repairs. The actual building is dated as 1285.

Much of the history regarding registrations that took place within the church has been preserved through various organisations. The earliest baptisms on record go back to 1607 but burials can be traced back to between the years of 173-1850.

The denomination is the Church of England with a previous denomination of Roman Catholic. The beauty and artwork that Westminster Abbey possesses are absolutely astounding. There are continuous events taking place here which is to be understood as it is such an iconic place. Events such as the Abbey Bells ringing for the Royal Anniversary is one of the recent events.

Added to the beauty of the church is the wonderful Westminster Abbey Choir. Music has always been a critical component of this church as it is with the majority of churches throughout Middlesex as well as the entire UK. The choir affiliated with this church is recognised around the world and is often in attendance of many prestigious functions.